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Montreal based audio-visuals agency, we are the team you need for any video production and advertising


Film de fiction Excursion Nocturne

Excursion Nocturne

Short film (soon)

Crowdfunding promo video

Pub Indiegogo Excursion Nocturne
Strangers of this World movie set


short and feature films, documentaries

Story board pre-production

Pre-production services

concept development, scripts, casting, storyboards

Movie set

Production services

production, production assistant, director of photography, set design, sound recording, make-up and costumes.

Hockey video production

Post-production services

video and audio editing, 2D animation, narration, colour correction, titling, ...

About us Section

about us

Who are we?

We are a dynamic young team of professionals working in the field of cinema and video production.

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Our Specialty

Producing audiovisual pieces for the web.

Film camera

Our Passion

Explore the potential of fiction films by creating authentic works.

Short film crew

Our Team

The 1er Plan video production company was founded in 2011 by a team three passionate professionals. Since then, our agency has built a solid team of video artists working together on various projects.

audiovisual production

Our Approach

Adapting video concepts to the client's profile and needs.

Restaurant video publicity

Our strengh

Offering a human and competent customer service throughout a project.

Our Clients

Companies, individuals, small businesses, organizations, artists, etc.

Our Style

Always looking for the best visual quality, we approach each project as a unique work of art.

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Services Section


What we can do for you.

Créations Premier Plan offers a modern and unique visibility to help you stand out from others in different communication medias.

  • Corporate
  • Promotional
  • Events
  • Advertising
  • Music videos
  • Documentary
  • Logo animation
  • Interviews
Video audio photo




In addition to video production, we offer an original soundtracks service that is perfectly adapted to the theme of the project. This service will add a unique element to your video.

Planification pre-production


  • Needs analysis
  • Concept development
  • Budget planning
  • Script writting
  • Talent casting
  • Location scouting
Video shooting production


  • Directing
  • Direction of photography
  • Shooting
  • Sound recording
  • Make up and costumes
  • Green screen
Post-produciton editing


  • File acquisition
  • Video and audio editing
  • Music creation
  • 2D animation
  • Keying
  • Colour correction
  • Professional narration
Corporative Projects Section


Snapshot of our porfolio.
iGO Bikes promotional video

iGO Fatbike

Promotional video for the new electric bike designed by iGO. This video has been created for a Kickstarter campaign.

Patrick Morin's Corporative video

Patrick Morin

Corporate video for Patrick Morin renovation centres. Created in collaboration with 30et1.

Bar promotional video

Mile Public House

Promotional video for the Mile Public House's official opening in Brossard's Quartier DIX30.

Crowdfunding campaign Vin & wine

Vin & Wine (Kickstarter)

Crowdfunding campaign for the Vin & Wine Application.

Schoolboard promotional video

CSSWL Advertising

The Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier School Board's international program promotional video.

Groupe Virage corporate video

Groupe Virage

Here is one of ten videos for Groupe Virage's Einstein Program.

Interview video for students

Listen to the Kids

School persistence explained by young students.

Hockey Quebec promotional video

Dodge Cup

Promotional video for the 2013 Dodge Cup provincial championship by Hockey Québec, organised by Hockey Laurentides-Lanaudière.

Artist music video

Dancing Shoes

Artistic demo made in Montreal for dancer Charles Chevrette.

Luminus products

Luminus DEL lights

Conglom's products presenting the Luminus DEL series (no music).

Event video production

SODER's Fifteen Years Anniversary.

Here is one of five videos made for SODER's (Rosemont Environmental Development Society's fifteenth anniversary).

2D animation kinetic typography

Kinetic Typography

2D animation for SODER's fifteenth anniversary.

Sport video of Aikibudo

The Art of Aikibudo

The Quebec Aikibudo Federation presents the japoneese martial art.

Ange Aimée's Slam

Ange-Aimée Fournier

Slam poetry written and interpreted by Ange Aimée Fournier.

Prel's pub video

Synchronized walk

Video of la marche synchronisée des Laurentides organized by the PREL to promote educational perseverance.

Promotional Video Westmount Condo

Westmount Condo

Promotional video for the 175 Metcalfe Condo project in Westmount. Created for TLA Architects.

Nectar's promotional video

Nectar & Mixology

Video presenting a new professional speed bottle opener, designed by Nectar and Mixology.

Video production

Generations C4

Video highlighting the certification of a Generation C4 certified company. This is a program for Conciliation Service work-study in the Laurentians. So far, ten capsules were produced.

Sport's team video

Les Cavaliers

Video presenting the Cavaliers of Henri-Dunant High School sports program.

Promotional video Poull Ball

Poull Ball

Promotional video for the new sport that can be played everywhere, even on ice.

Parking Day 2014

Park(ing) Day 2014

A giant JENGA game created by Ruccolo + Faubert Architects.

Organisms video pub

Perservering Together

Callout for participants for the contest "Toi t'as changé ma vie!" organized by an organization supporting educational perserverance. This video was used online as well as at the Cinéma St-Eustache.

Schoolboard publicity video

International School Program

Video for the Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier School Board International program.

Trio Marie de France Music Video

Tchaikovsky Trio

Tchaikovsky Trio music video. A minor Opus 50 by Trio Marie de France. Recorded at Planet Studios.

Movies Production Section


Fiction, our passion.

Creating films is an important part of our artistic journey. It is through the creation of short and feature films that we develop our unique expertise in audiovisual production.

Excursion Nocturne (teaser)

[Fiction, Short, 2015]

(4:12 min / Super 16mm, color)

Montréal, 1980. Three roommates try to find money to pay their rent in a rather unexpected way.

Directed : Alexandre Lapointe

Cinematography : Jean-François Gauthier

Starring : Marie-Hélène Bélanger, Guillaume Gauthier, Arnaud Bodequin

Court-métrage Excrusion nocturne

« 1, 2, 3 » (teaser)

[Fiction, Short, 2014]

On a cold winter night, a young woman is in charge of a mission before daybreak.

Directed : Alexandre Lapointe

Cinematography : Jean-François Gauthier

Starring : Mariana Tayler, Arnaud Bodequin, Philippe Lapointe, Jessica Jones

Court-métrage 1, 2, 3

Excursion nocturne (Indigogo)

[Fiction, Short, 2015]

(Indigogo Crowdfunding Campaign)

Promotional video for the short film Nocturnal Excursion. Created for an Indiegogo Campaign.

Directed : Alexandre Lapointe

Cinematography : Jean-François Gauthier

Starring : Marie-Hélène Bélanger, Guillaume Gauthier, Arnaud Bodequin

Court-métrage Excrusion nocturne

Tuer le danseur

[Fiction, short, 2013]

(4:49 min / Sony fs-700)

A BBC type mockumentary about a dancer and his predator, the hunter.

Directed : Alexandre Lapointe

Cinematography : Jean-François Gauthier

Starring : Charles Chevrette, Martin Lefebvre

Voice : Giorgio Cazzaro

Tuer le danseur short film

Strangers of This World

[Fiction, short film, 2015]

(18:02 min / Super 16 film)

Two mysterious men meet with a dying women.

Directed by : Alexandre Lapointe

Director of photography : Jean-François Gauthier, Martin Bouchard

Set design : Mayssoun Tadlaoui

Starring : Santino Lucia, Alexandre Lapointe, Marie-Hélène Bélanger et Diane Jules.

Strangers of this world short film

Qui suis-je? (Who am I?)

[Fiction, short film, 2013]

(4:36 min)

Louis gathers his friends for tea and cookies and asks them the big question.

Directed by : Alexandre Lapointe

Director of photography : Jean-François Gauthier

Set design : Mayssoun Tadlaoui

Starring : Michel Bertrand, Anne Côté, Xavier Schmitz, Jonathan Paré, Mariana Tayler, Elie Buisson, Tony Truax et Catherine Boisvenue.

Qui suis-je short film

Fuck You Perfection

[Fiction, short film, 2012]

(9:50 min)

A man tries by all means to reach perfection.

Directed by : Alexandre Lapointe

Director of photography : Jean-François Gauthier

Starring : Alexandre Lapointe, Jean-Philippe Bernard, Guillaume Lachapelle, Elie Buisson, Marijo Gamelin, Martin Lefebvre, Meddy Laforest, Violaine Morinville, Mariana Tayler, Anne-Sophie Grenier, Alexandre Gauthier et Jean-François Gauthier.

Fuck you perfection short film

James Bartel

[Fiction, short film, 2011]

(0:54 min)

Parody of a perfume advertisement that was created for the film feature film "Too Tall", directed by Ivan Peric.

Directed by : Alexandre Lapointe

Director of photography : Jean-François Gauthier

Starring : Alexandre Lapointe

Film : Too Tall, 2014.

Too Tall movie publicity
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